Monday, March 25, 2019

here is what I think

I have been trying to avoid writing about the politics of politics so I am going to write this once now and only once now that I have cleaned my granite countertops then polished my granite countertops then sealed my granite countertops now that I have swept then microdusted my floor now that I have scrubbed my floor now that I have changed my sheets now that I have put on a clean tablecloth with a pattern of poppies now that I have moved my popcorn popper and blender and cast iron tortilla maker into the pantry because I don't use them much now that I have taken off my winter nightgown and put on a summer dress now that I have taken my meds that don't much work now that I have primly eaten a salad for lunch now that I have watched exactly one episode of Mad Men now that I have finished my library book now that I have fed my sourdough starter and listened to its song now that I have avoided the news today I want to say with sorrow that I believe we are in for another five years of the tiny king in charge of our country I believe in the stupidity of the American people I believe in the racism of the American people I believe those white supremacists who once hid now have permission from their tiny stupid king to come out from behind their white sheets and Walmarts and Cabelas and churches and minivans and Soldiers for Christ biker clubs and be as hateful and cruel as they want no matter who is filming them no matter their shaming on Twitter in fact I think they love the attention as most bullies do I think our tiny king is stupid and the worst bully of all I think our tiny king is evil and I believe he will stay in office until his nasty bloated heart explodes and I am sorry for thinking this but I have watched Terrible America crawl out of their tidy homes and beautiful kingdom come churches to have the tiny king autograph their family bibles I have seen children die on television be caged on television be shot in schools and nothing is being done to stop it and it will go on until the tiny king dies I do not believe any of our candidates can fix this Armageddon we have unleashed upon ourselves where demonic forces wage war on the soft bodies of children I believe all we can do at this point is speak out against racism and stupidity and hate we must use our voices stand up to it when we see it we must seek a new grass roots revolution and take it to heart Terrible America isn't going to fix itself and that's it for now


Saturday, March 23, 2019

How can you be an artist and not reflect the times? ~ Nina Simone

I am attempting to fleeing the fire in my head the deer came through my yard on the Equinox reminding me that it was it is time to come back up I have been in the water I have been in the dirt I have been in the pudding deep in writing

depression wrapped its ugly hands around my throat for several months one month a week two days ago and squeezed finally I gave up and drove to Seattle to see DOGNURSE where she prescribed Latuda a new bipolar depression med she raved about after she took my blood pressure which was almost as weird as her asking me to step on her scale she gave me the prescription which I took to the chemist only to be informed that the 30 pills would be $700.00 that's with my insurance it would be $1,259.55 without my insurance I laughed with the chemist as he dumped the pills back in their vault or wherever they live and I called DOGNURSE and left a rather snippy ragey message on her machine is this something she should have known? I think so or did she forget I am on a fixed income on Medicare who knows she spelled my name incorrectly on the prescription again and she called back the next day and told me keep on doing what you have been doing which is being depressed so my shrink told me to continue being depressed and I'll probably get charged for the phone call hahahahaha this all made me think of Elizabeth and the crap she has to deal with all the time it also was a prim reminder that I am not fancy enough for my disease

in the meantime

Page's father sold the ranch in other words he sold the orchard the land Page has worked at steadily since he was 13 years old the land Page's father promised Page he would one day inherent I'm not sure what the exact story is but Page was suddenly out of work and here all the time and I felt like I had to hide in my bedroom to let him be and to keep what little I had of my sanity but he quickly got a job at the hilariously named Orchard's Nursery so I have my days of solitude back and when I say solitude I mean I talk to no one except Jack the Egg Man and the girl who checks my groceries

the lilacs have buds on them the fig tree has leaves and my peony has shot its strange red penis out of the ground searching for some feminine warmth the feral cats are almost a year old I paid the taxes on my house I stopped buying books so I could save money and I'm putting the tiny island library through its paces and now I have to get dressed in real clothes to go see Jack and go to the grocer

I have three new-to-you poems coming out in the tiny in April

 this post isn't much but it's a beginning I miss being here I missed you all my Darklings