Monday, January 27, 2020


I think of her as my friend with sea anemones tied to her hair or perhaps they live there part of her scalp and she is simply wearing a headband to accentuate their beauty does she become another animal at night a question about my body as seen from behind prescience and glimmer. The invasion the structure the beginning of skin or lack of skin my body a charged space the poetics of healing of cultural knots complicated sagittal movement in the borderlands beyond decompression beyond crawling licking screamy. The doctor as recursive patriarch she is anxious maybe afraid of me in spite of her years working in the prison she stopped averting her eyes today as I lumbered  how my body perceives violence leans into it falls into it a riot country a burning city. Today this afternoon the third visit on the fourth month this data. I participated the process too intense so I stopped speaking and she said I can see clearly you are in pain. My pain makes her uncomfortable the way my skin sinks in my wolf-head she asked could the neighbors hear you and I told her that in this neighborhood it doesn't make any difference. The neighbors are afloat. She holds out a rubber boat with a torn bottom. I know what happens when my insurance disappears. Arrive! News about the brain! The body! It always gets down to shit and blood. I need to live bigger I need to live smaller I am terrified with the notion of sacrifice down on all fours howling. It's a burial custom gender and time tragedy comedy my annotated border. I still don't know how to behave it's exhilaration there an investigation there cigarettes and coffee a rotten landscape my territory her territory and I felt I was flying but after in the grocery store I froze the florescents flickering all at once pink and orange music a plexus institute all at once here do you want my insurance card?? no we bill you once a month. 


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