Monday, October 26, 2020


my aged cat never left my side ever I slept on feathers crossed my Ts clean as a fishwife the moment in which he rose up hallelujah I was not afraid of solitude but reckless pursuit neckties guns in the temple the low dome last week’s rent drew out the lining the ache in my side that proved resolve men rode motorcycles up and down the street pounded my door demanded open up demanded money as Russian girls in the cafeteria argued over the napkin dispensers cooed like release doves lacking a center I’m not nostalgic for the parasite the waterworm there is nothing left to talk about apples and sandwiches stuffed with fruit the mokrie dela disappeared from automats turn and slide the plastic door or the washateria the Laundra in Newport Loadstar Dryers coin tumble orbiting sensors in my bed gossiping bodies at night target practice on Thursdays in Dallas go ahead go ahead now tell me about the white capped angel of terror and desire

Friday, October 16, 2020

Pig and farm report


That’s a thing that happened I voted with my son and he took a picture of me putting my ballot in the box and when I looked at it I was astounded to see a great froth of pure white hair where my bangs used to be a tsunami of white it seems the only time I’ve looked at myself is when I’m making sure a mask fits in my rear view mirror 

two nights ago I dreamed about Obama he was just here warm and intelligent and comforting like a good father I see this as a sign 

I am going on as usual got an elder flu shot changed the filter in my furnace replaced the propane heater thermostat with a very fancy and very expensive remote control thermostat there is really nothing to report in this report I am in no mood to humble brag about these things or my daily climbs on the trails in the state park or my gourdy garden or my fabulous cooking mostly I am keeping watch I am keeping watch and keeping my head down I am ticking down the clock and growing out my white white bangs hello hello from in here

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Leaving this here to wake up my blog I apologize if the fake hacker jumped from my posts to your email apparently if you close the door for more than seven days they break in happy October