Friday, February 10, 2017

three days ago I drove up to Deception Pass (pictured up top) and walked to the middle of the terrifying bridge in the wind to get that photo because the water was such a spectacular color and the rocks with trees growing on them have always looked like giant paws resting in shallow water to me though the water is not shallow at all and it was very cold here are my feets on the extreme edge of the bridge as I took a picture of the madronas growing below me I admit that I have zero fear of heights in spite of all my neurosesessess

here's the bridge it's kind of nervy because the big rigs go across it at a billion miles per hour and the walkway for foot traffic is only about six inches wide or so it feels

after that I drove to Whidbey Island and around and then back where I saw a pink bicycle that I think I want it is in the style of old school girls' Schwinn bikes I hope I can find the place again when I have money

this morning I drove to the beach but it got so windy that I didn't get out of my car (now the wind is at 50 mph and the trees are making the most delicious noise) then I walked the perimeter of my land out into the forest deep where I found more madronas and a gorgeous stand of birches and some juniper bushes and all manner of conifers and more owl pellets and wild blackberries and my hat blew away but I captured it

then I trudged back home holding onto my hat and my hair and when I got in the house I smelled something bad a terrible sweet smell the smell of death and I wandered all over the damned house opening every closet cupboard drawer and closet sniffing everything and I couldn't locate the smell so I lit a vanilla scented candle in last ditch attempt at concealment but the smell stayed and eventually I discovered the smell was me IT WAS MY SHIRT which I must have packed with some food or something but I tossed it in the laundry hamper and now the terrible smell is gone


my life is incredibly tiny

the brilliant poet Maryrose Larkin sent me here Roomba Robot because she moved away from her carpet and I have miles and miles of it and I am besotted with the robot who says ERROR PLEASE PICK ME UP PUT ME IN A ROOM AND PRESS CLEAN every day at 11:15 AM and I can watch her for the entire hour she circles around the house in whichever room I choose to place her

incredibly very extremely tiny life
The Surfer named the robot Roberta


Sheila the llama was right against the fence this morning and her horse companions were all in the barn shunning her there is a lot of Holy Names High School games going on between those snooty horses and Sheila she is highly sensitive and has long elegant eyelashes and a dirty bum (yesterday I waved at her and said hi and she turned and showed me her bum thinking perhaps I was a horse come to pick on her) I have now met a palomino and the palomino's friend a chocolate brown Shetland pony who is as wide as she is tall like a little box like a spectacular package delivered to your doorstep

wild chickens continue to roam the island and there was just a warning on the television about ferry service being discontinued on all the ferrys on account of the wind and I'm heading out for dinner heading straight into it I do love rude weather when I get back I'll answer your comments if I have power



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That photo is spectacular! They do look like giant paws. Hope dinner is good and agrees with you.

February 10, 2017 at 5:12 PM  
Blogger 37paddington said...

One cannot take a photo like the one with the giant paws on the spectacular blue and then call one's life tiny. It looks expansive, huge. I have been feeling as if I lead a very tiny life and I was rather wistful looking at your photographs and hearing your stories of animal society in the woods. Definitely not a tiny life, and with a robot companion who cleans to boot. I very much enjoyed this post. I felt less shut in.

February 10, 2017 at 10:53 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I love that you have no fear of heights. I don't either other than an initial twinge in my butt that travels to my knees but only for a second.

February 17, 2017 at 5:54 PM  

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