Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pee Ess

I meant to write about how ungrounded I felt in this house until finally finally I was able to unearth my books my constant companions and champions through the sum of my years that until yesterday I felt I was living in a hotel even as I love this house this land I needed my familiar landscapes that particular smell that beloved books give to a room the knowledge contained therein books old and still unread beloved with skin thin pages and stains and broken spines the library of my heart


Blogger Ms. Moon said...

Well, absolutely and of course. This is the way of it for us.

April 6, 2017 at 6:27 PM  
Blogger Radish King said...

Some of us oh yes.

April 6, 2017 at 6:31 PM  
Blogger 37paddington said...

I understand this.

April 6, 2017 at 8:07 PM  
Anonymous Ashley said...

Dear Rebecca,

I am about to sell my house to someone who wants the space, filled to the brim with big furniture and fancy trimmings, and what keeps me up at night is how I will keep all.the.books when I downsize. Your library is beauty.

April 6, 2017 at 9:21 PM  
Blogger Elle Clancy said...

Glad you are getting your library together. The sight of books soothes me as well. And I agree: Bukowski is completely underrated.

April 7, 2017 at 7:04 AM  

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